Katy Perry – I Kissed a Girl (2008 – Part 8)

Before shaking the pop world with the controversial single that is I Kissed a Girl, Katy Perry made another attempt at a musical career. In 2001 she went by her real name of Katy Hudson and released an eponymous debut album that consisted of nothing but Christian songs. Yes, you’ve read that right – Katy’s parents were both pastors of occupation and thus the album was an extension of the gospel tunes she grew up with. Interesting to note is that Kate Hudson was nearly entirely self-written, with just a few outside collaborators.

Fast forward seven years later and Katy Perry is working on her debut album, One of the Boys. Everything from her image, style, production and collaborators has changed in the meantime, but even these new pop standards the recording company was reluctant to include I Kissed a Girl. They feared it would not receive any airplay due to the controversial lyrics, but on the other hand, the pop star herself felt it was exactly what people needed at the time: “It was a subject matter that was on the tip of everyone’s tongue at that moment, so it was kind of like a snapshot of things that were happening in 2008“.

But the song is not just a fantasy. In an interview with Q Magazine, Katy Perry talked about the inspiration behind the lyrics: “The song was inspired by a friendship I had with a girl when I was 15, but I didn’t kiss her. I was totally obsessed with her. She was beautiful-porcelain skin, perfect lips – and I still talk to her, but I’ve never told her the song is about her.” Despite being released as the lead single, I Kissed a Girl was actually the very last song recorded for the album.

I Kissed a Girl spent 7 consecutive weeks at number one in Billboard Top 100 before being dethroned by Rihanna’s Disturbia.


7 responses to “Katy Perry – I Kissed a Girl (2008 – Part 8)

  1. I loved the fact that a church in the US erected, at the time, a sign warning “I kissed a girl and I liked it. And then I went to hell! Proof that the devil may have the best tunes but God has the funniest public health warnings.

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  2. I always found this to be a tad grating… ideal for those with short attention spans and ringtones. Though I guess that was why it was such a hit…

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