Rihanna – Disturbia (2008 – Part 9)

I’ve written before about the tumultuous relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown. But what’s interesting this time around is that Disturbia also sees them as musical collaborators. Brown co-wrote the song, one of the only two times he’s done that for the pop singer (the other being their collaboration for the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic). He originally intended it as part of the re-release of his second album Exclusive, but decided the style of the composition was not right for his own: “It’s fun being creative and even if you have a concept in your head to write about, you can write it and give it to someone else because it might not personally fit you, but it might be an idea you have. So with Rihanna that was an idea I had. I just wanted to go totally left and kind of weird, and that’s what I threw at her.”

Disturbia eventually ended on another re-issue, that of Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad album. It was one of the three new songs added as bonuses, together with Take a Bow and If I Never See Your Face Again. Perhaps what makes it stand out the most among them is the rather dark subject matter that Rihanna sings about – according to her, the main themes of the song are mental anguish, anxiety, and confusion.

Disturbia spent 2 consecutive weeks at number one in Billboard Top 100 before being dethroned by T.I.’s Whatever You Like.


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