Jay Sean – Down (feat. Lil Wayne) (2009 – Part 8)

Hailing from London, Jay Sean made his debut in the US with 2009’s ambitiously-named All or Nothing. He’d released two more albums exclusive to England before, but the worldwide exposure started only when he got signed to the major hip-hop label Cash Money Records. It is no surprise then to see Lil Wayne featured on Sean’s Down, his debut single for the label. Wayne is one of the veterans and most famous names to belong to Cash Money and the pairing of the two was done by one of the label’s two CEOs, to the surprise of Sean: “Slim called me up and was like, ‘Yo, man, there’s something wrong on the second verse that just doesn’t sound right.’ I was like, ‘Really? What?’ He played the song. All of a sudden I heard Wayne’s Auto-Tune stuff, and I’m like, ‘OK. What’s going on? Right! That’s Lil Wayne on my song right now!’ That day was brilliant.”

The message in Down is one of positivity in the face of adversity: So baby don’t worry you are my only/You won’t be lonely even if the sky is falling down”.  In an interview with Billboard, Sean recalled the circumstances in which he got the idea for it: “The news was on, everything was depressing and we were like ‘Look at this man – everything’s so down in the dumps. Why don’t we write a song to take everyone’s mind away from being down?’”

Down spent 2 non-consecutive weeks at number one, first being dethroned by Britney Spears’ 3 and second by Owl City’s Fireflies.

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