The Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be (2010 – Part 2)

Despite the feeling that The Black Eyed Peas have been ruling the charts for the majority of the decade, it was only 2009 that brought them their first number one. Their first number ones to be more exact, as Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling conquered the charts in succession and stayed on top for no less than 26 weeks put together. A third single from the same album as those two was released then, the Madonna-inspired Meet Me Halfway. This one didn’t quite manage to go the same route though, stopping at #7.

But The Black Eyed Peas were not quite finished with their The E.N.D. winning streak. Imma Be was originally released as a promotional single as part of the “Countdown to The E.N.D.” campaign where the album was promoted by one new song each week. And despite being the first choice for hyping the album, Imma Be was eventually released only as its 4th official single.

And as soon as it topped the charts, the song made The E.N.D. the first album since Madonna’s 1987 True Blue to spawn 3 number ones. Its cinematic video featuring robots and scenes filmed in desert, and the fact that the group repeats the title no less than 98 times throughout the song transforming it into a catchphrase are elements that have probably helped Imma Be attain an international level of success.

Imma Be spent 2 consecutive weeks at number one in Billboard Top 100, before being dethroned by Taio Cruz’s Break Your Heart (feat. Ludacris).

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