Justin Bieber – Love Yourself (2016 – Part 2)

Ever since Justin Bieber’s debut was released 6 years ago, the Canadian pop star has been under the spotlights for pretty much every second of his life. It is curious to realize that, for an artist that has become one of the most representative cases of contemporary pop in these years, Justin Bieber had never had a Billboard #1 hit prior to 2015. Every one of his singles entered the Top 100, but none managed to climb its way to the very top until What Do You Mean?, the lead single from the Purpose album.

An equally successful Sorry came then and proved that the new album had much more to offer. Love Yourself, the album’s 3rd consecutive success, annihilated any doubt that it’s this year that finds Bieber truly at the top of his game.

Love Yourself was written in collaboration with Ed Sheeran (I See Fire, Thinking Out Loud) and differs from Bieber’s previous hits due to its minimalist arrangement – “just a guitar and a lonely trumpet interlude accompany Bieber’s coy delivery”, as Consequence of Sound put it. The song was also described as ‘intimate’ by Rolling Stone because of that. Lyrically, Love Yourself is a dis directed at Bieber’s ex-girlfriend.

Love Yourself spent 2 non-consecutive weeks at number one in Billboard Top 100, first being dethroned by Zayn’s Pillowtalk and second by Rihanna’s Work (featuring Drake).


3 responses to “Justin Bieber – Love Yourself (2016 – Part 2)

      • VERY true! I think everything ‘starts to sound the same’ as you get older though lol. What are your favourite musical decades? I would say the 60s and 80s for me 😀 I grew up in the 90s though. I used to be a 90s ‘indie kid’ but moved onto older music as I’ve gotten older. Soul and motown, doo wop, even a bit of country! I do love rap and hip hop though!!


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