Pitbull – Give Me Everything (featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer) (2011 – Part 8)

Born in Florida to immigrant Cuban parents, Armando Christian was apparently able to recite the works of Cuban national poet and hero José Martí by heart at the early age of 3. When entering the music industry, he went under the name of Pitbull because, as he stated, “they bite to lock. The dog is too stupid to lose. And they’re outlawed in Dade County. They’re basically everything that I am. It’s been a constant fight.” His first contribution was rapping on a song by crunk rapper Lil Jon and then his first solo singles all featured the same Lil Jon. However, his true breakthrough came in 2009 with the world-wide hit I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho), a #2 in the Billboard charts.

2 years later, Pitbull topped that with Give Me Everything, a collaboration with R&B singer Ne-Yo, producer Afrojack and pop singer Nayer. Ne-Yo, who had a number one of himself with 2006’s So Sick, provides the song’s chorus. Rolling Stone described that chorus as plaintive, while calling the whole song “a Black Eyed Peas-like club-pop cut”.

The song’s lyrics make reference to companies Macy’s and Kodac, while also name-dropping television host Ryan Seacrest and actress Lindsay Lohan. Lohan is featured in the lyric “So, I’m tiptoein’, to keep flowin’ / I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan”, an allusion to her many drug and alcohol related scandals. Pitbull got sued by the actress over said lyric, but won the lawsuit.

Give Me Everything spent 1 week at number one in Billboard Top 100 before being dethroned by LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem (featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock).

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