Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (2012 – Part 7)

After placing third in the fifth edition of Canadian Idol, Carly Rae Jepsen released her first album in 2008. A moderate success in her home country but not anywhere else, Tug of War was a collection of self-written pop and folk songs. What’s interesting then is that Call Me Maybe, the hit that made the world aware of Jepsen, also started out as a folk song written in collaboration with Tavish Crowe. Josh Ramsay of the Marianas Trench then produced the tune, who according to Carly helped transform it into a pop song.

The critical reception for Call Me Maybe was mostly positive. New York Daily News didn’t hold back from stating that it “has the urgency and sweep of the greatest teen pop songs ever recorded.” Likewise, Gawker’s headline read “Have you heard Call Me Maybe, the new perfect pop song?” Allmusic described it as an “irresistible slice of cutesy teen pop which combines anthemic stabbed synth strings which a chorus that just about straddles that fine line between sugary sweet and sickly.”

With over 18 million copies sold worldwide, Call Me Maybe became one of the best-selling singles of 2012. Village Voice ranked it number one in their annual Pazz and Jop poll. It was also nominated for two Grammy Awards, for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance.

Call Me Maybe spent 9 consecutive weeks at number one in Billboard Top 100, before being dethroned by Flo Rida’s Whistle.


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