MAGIC! – Rude (2014 – Part 6)

Canadian band Magic entered the musical scene with a bang, topping the charts with their debut single and selling 36,000 copies of it in the first week only.

Billboard described Rude as “a reggae-infused smash single that may well go down as 2014’s quintessential summer song.” Magic frontman and principal song-writer Nasri Atweh explained the song’s reggae influences by stating: “We were just like, ‘Let’s start a band that sounds kind of like The Police and The Wailers.’ ” It is the first reggae-identified track to top the charts since Sean Paul’s 2003 Get Busy, according to Spin.

The same Spin described the song’s lyrics as being about “a boy scolding his girlfriend’s father for his antiquated stance on interracial marriage”. However, Atweh denied any connection to reality: “The lyrics are made up. I was just having fun. Most of the album is more personal, but “Rude” was just something fictional that popped into my head.”

Rude spent 6 consecutive weeks at number one in Billboard Top 100 before being dethroned by Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.

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